Millet is a cereal crop that belongs to the grass family. They were once used for human consumption, but predominantly for animal fodder. Millets in India are commonly used to make a variety of recipes from savoury to desserts. They are known for their high nutrition and low Glycaemic index.

Different Types Of Millets:

There are different types of millets grown in India. Some of the popular ones are:

Jowar or Sorghum

Ragi or Finger Millet

Kangni or Foxtail Millet

Bajra or Pearl Millet

Sanwa or Barnyard Millet

Chena or Broomcorn Millet

Sama or Little Millet

Chola or Amaranth

Kuttu or Buckwheat

Kodon or Kodu Millet


Millet is one of nature’s best gifts to mankind. They are a great boon to our body by helping it cope with several ailments. Millets are one of the most economical ways to get complete nutrition when had with another balanced diet. The Millet Benefits for weight loss are also proven to be effective to prevent chances of obesity and heart problems.


Listed below is the nutritional value of millet per 100 gms Serving size:

Total Calories: 378 kCal

Carbohydrates: 72.8 gm

Dietary Fiber: 8.5 gm

Proteins: 11 gm

Folate: 21 %

Vitamin B6: 29 %

Niacin: 31 %

Iron: 23 %

Manganese: 76 %

Zinc: 18 %

Evidence-Based Millet Benefits For Skin, Hair and Health:

Here we enlisted 23 science-proven millet benefits for skin, hair and health.

Protects From UV Radiation

Nourishes Your Skin

Anti-Ageing Properties

Lowers Risk Of Hair Fall

Aids In Weight Loss

Promotes Good Blood Circulation

Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Builds Muscles

Good Alkaline Diet

Prevents Heart Attacks

Relaxes Mind

Fights Bad Cholesterol

Good Source Of Protein

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Helps In Detoxification

Decreases Blood Pressure

Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Millets During Pregnancy

Prevention Of Gall Stones

Prevents Asthma

Millet Benefits For Babies

Great For Cooking

Makes Your Food Healthy and Tasty.


There’s no need to give up the food you love. Just replace one or two of the ingredients with millets and you’ll end up eating a tasty, balanced diet that’s nutritious too. Here are some of the things you can do:

Use millets, instead of rice: Replace rice with millet at just one meal and feel the difference. Try a half and half millet and rice mix to start with

Make dosa batter at home? Use millets instead of rice. Or just try it with a half and half millet and rice mix

Healthier pulau: Use lots of veggies, and millet instead of rice

Sweet ideas: Make millet payasam with palm sugar or jaggery

Breakfast: Try millet instead of oats. Cook and top with raisins, brown sugar or nuts

Make a burger: Combine with cooked beans or peas to make vegetarian “burgers. Use your usual seasoning, shape into patties and bake or pan-fry.

Soups and stews: Rinse millet and throw in a handful into your crock pot. Keep for approx. 30 minutes for it to absorb the liquid and become tender. Or cook separately and add.

Title: Unlocking the Health Secrets of Millets: A Comprehensive Guide


Introduction: Millets, often hailed as nature's nutritional powerhouse, offer a treasure trove of health benefits. In this article, we will explore the diverse advantages of incorporating millets into your diet, ranging from essential vitamins and minerals to their potential role in preventing diseases like heart and breast cancer.


Section 1: The Nutrient-rich Composition of Millets

Unveiling the vitamins and minerals in millets, such as phosphorus for energy production and magnesium for improved food absorption and insulin sensitivity.

Unique nutritional profiles of different millet varieties, all rich in protein, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin B6, niacin, and folic acid.


Section 2: Lignans in Millets: A Shield Against Cancer

Delving into the believed cancer-preventive properties of lignans found in millets, specifically targeting heart and breast cancer risks.


Section 3: Nature's Gift to Humanity: Millet's Holistic Benefits

Highlighting millet as one of nature's greatest gifts, benefiting the human body in overcoming various illnesses. Exploring the synergistic effect of combining millets with other healthy foods for a comprehensive nutritional boost.


Section 4: Millets as an Affordable Nutrition Solution

Showcasing millets as a cost-effective method to obtain essential nutrition, making them accessible to a wide audience. Demonstrating how millets contribute to a well-rounded and budget-friendly diet.


Section 5: Weight Loss, Heart Health, and Obesity Prevention

Examining the role of millets in successful weight loss strategies and their impact on reducing the risk of heart disease and obesity.


Conclusion: In conclusion, millets emerge as a versatile and affordable superfood, providing a wealth of health advantages. From preventing diseases to supporting weight loss and overall well-being, millets stand out as a valuable addition to any balanced diet. Embrace the goodness of millets and unlock a healthier, happier you.


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